We have a strong commitment to continual improvement across the organisation; and providing environments where our staff can thrive is no exception. The 2015 Biannual Staff Engagement Survey aimed to measure job satisfaction and employee engagement across seven key drivers of engagement:

  • Work Environment (87.3%)
  • Communication and Feedback (77.9%)
  • Recognition and Reward (76.9%)
  • Training and Staff Development (78.7%)
  • Job Satisfaction (89.9%)
  • Quality Management and Working Relationships (86%)
  • Culture (84.6%)

Trends from previous surveys show we consistently have a highly engaged and satisfied workforce, performing exceptionally well against international and national industry benchmarks.

Almost 90% of our workforce rating themselves as engaged and 92% of staff would recommend HHS as a great place to work. These results clearly demonstrate that HHS is a high performing organisation and employer of choice within our industry.

Top 5 things staff like about their job

  • Working with their colleagues
  • Flexibility
  • Work environment
  • Interesting and challenging work
  • Working with and assisting clients

It is well known that highly engaged staff work more efficiently, produce better quality work, and remain loyal to the organisation. While performing well above the benchmarks for employee engagement we will be implementing strategies to further improve these results for the coming years.