Community Sector Banking

“For over a decade, Community Sector Banking and Haven; Home, Safe, have developed a relationship based on shared values and a passion to strengthen communities. Our partnership is much more than a customer, banking relationship. Over the past 12 months we have created the Community Sector Banking and Haven Home Safe Scholarship fund, collaborated on ways to enhance Haven’s fundraising efforts and developed pilot programs to trial new products. We are proud to work with Haven, whose core objective is to care for the most vulnerable in our community at a time when the gap between the haves and have nots is increasing.”

John Grossman
Senior Business Manager

William Buckland Foundation

“Progressive philanthropy can provide an ‘innovation’ budget for social purpose organisations like HHS – At the William Buckland Foundation we think ‘the wisdom of locals’ and the ability of sector experts to design and trial new approaches to reducing homelessness is critical. We believe that the Sidney Myer Haven initiative provides a platform for significantly improving the lives of those who are at risk of long term homelessness. We can only achieve the objectives of the Foundation in partnership with innovative pioneers like HHS. We believe together we can be the change we want to see in our Victorian communities.”

Natalie Elliott
Program Manager, William Buckland Foundation
Children & Youth Domain Lead, Equity Trustees

Program Manager, William Buckland Foundation Children & Youth Domain Lead, Equity Trustees Natalie Elliott with our CEO Ken Marchingo.

Loddon Connect

“In the current environment of reform, partnerships are vital for achieving cultural and systemic changes with flow on benefits to clients.Loddon Connect demonstrated that through the power of partnership it is possible to provide streamlined and holistic responses to clients with multiple support needs. The partnership has established a strong foundation on which to build future integrated service delivery.”

Louise Payne
Loddon Connect Project Manager


“Having been given the opportunity to work with Haven; Home, Safe for a number of years, we appreciate the close relationship that has developed. Providing Haven with a range of Business Technology services from Governance and Strategic Planning, to Project delivery and ongoing support, I feel that we are truly living Maxsum’s Mission of ‘Enabling Opportunity and Realising Potential’ – not only for our own organisation, but for Haven and all the people they aim to serve.”

Joe Ciancio