Sidney Myer Haven (SMH), one of our flagship programs, is a testament of our relationships with partners, philanthropics, and connections to external service providers.

Since officially opening just over a year ago, we have been assisting participants to change the trajectory of their lives through a program framework known as the Social Curriculum that accompanies medium-term housing.

The Social Curriculum is a unique program framework that uses integrated specialised programs, partnerships, and health and wellbeing strategies to provide a targeted suite of learning opportunities and life changing possibilities for residents. It’s a comprehensive and unique framework that has no equivalent, which we know of, in Australia.

We’ve developed a robust and detailed operational framework and set of practice principles that include daily practice, risk management, data capture and analysis, assessment tools, individualised program planning and implementation, staff support, supervision and skills development and workflow management procedures.  Residents and staff actively participate in the evaluation of the program to ensure its continual improvement.

Our relationships with partners and linkages with a variety of external service providers have provided great support and resources for our residents. This has included driving lessons, fitness training sessions, mental health programs, and parenting skills development just to name a few.

Either earning or learning, our young residents have enrolled in school and started part time employment. One resident has been accepted into Deakin University and will be commencing study in 2017 and two others are well into their TAFE studies in Community Services and Health Care.

With increased health and wellbeing awareness, improved nutrition, physical health, mental health support and support for children, we have seen a marked decrease in visits to GP clinics, ER and Primary Care, and the use of prescribed medication.

The massive improvements in quality of life, and skill development for both residents and their children make us excited to see what the next 12 months will bring for SMH.

The success of this program to date and into the future relies on our highly skilled, experienced, and client focused team. We’ve been fortunate to have dedicated staff since day one, working diligently and enthusiastically to help residents achieve the future they desire for themselves and their families.

This house is being totally rebuilt and refurbished and will house the Sidney Myer Haven education centre.

Construction is on track for completion by December 2016.

Colourful shade sails over the Sidney Myer Haven playground.