Niall Hensey

Chief Operations Officer

For the Operations Group, the past year has been one of change and challenge. Our group aims to continually improve the delivery of housing and homeless support services, and develop our growing maintenance and asset management functions. In 2016, these important services successfully met the required standards for accreditation and registration. We welcome and value feedback from our tenants and clients. It helps us to improve and stay connected to our Purpose.

Our test project Loddon Connect, came to its scheduled end in 2016. The project provided an integrated service response from partner agencies and significant benefits to clients. It tested a key worker model for clients, replacing multiple referrals to different services with a single plan. The level of collaboration and cooperation that developed between the agencies has never been seen before in the Loddon region and has set the foundation for future collaborative service models. The Safety and Support Hubs project currently being developed by the State Government is sure to benefit from the integrated practice model that was developed through Loddon Connect. We would like to thank the Loddon Connect partner agencies Anglicare Victoria, Bendigo Community Health Services, Bendigo & District Aboriginal Corporation, CatholicCare, Centre for Non-Violence, Go Goldfields, Golden City Support Services, and Njernda for their support and participation in the project. Haven; Home, Safe is proud to have been given the trust and confidence of the partner agencies to lead and support the project.

This year we started to implement Kypera across the organisation. Kypera provides a single organisation wide operating system, effectively integrating the data from our housing, asset management, and finance information management systems. Giving us access to standardised information for the whole portfolio, Kypera will allow us to manage tenancies, manage revenues, and protect our assets far more effectively.

The challenge was well and truly set for the provider as we required a sophisticated system that would embrace all the functions of a large and complex housing program and eliminate the need for external workaround systems. The journey to a new single integrated system has not been easy. Despite a comprehensively planned approach, we have grappled with the aggregation of three different data sets, and the standardisation of three different housing management practice models. Unexpectedly, the project has served to unify our housing teams and housing practice in ways that may have taken years otherwise.

We are excited about Kypera’s mobile platform capability and the opportunities that will give us to increase connectivity for tenants and contractors, providing more efficient communication and enabling a higher level of engagement than what is currently possible. Once running effectively across the organisation it will support and enhance service delivery, finance administration, and compliance reporting. I have no doubt the implementation of Kypera is a step in a continuing evolution of digital information management systems that will connect us to our stakeholders and to each other in ever improving ways.